A domain name is the name by which your business is known on the Internet. It is your address on the web. For example, the domain name of Brindle Designs is brindledesigns.com. Having a domain name that relates in some way to your company makes it easy for your customers to remember. This name is purchased through a "domain name registrar" and can be arranged by Brindle Designs. The purchase guarantees your exclusive use of the name and is renewable annually. Unless you already have a domain name, part of our responsibility as your web designer is to research the availability of names and to come up with alternatives. Unfortunately, due to the popularity of the web, we cannot guarantee all your choices will be available. The initial purchase of a domain name through Brindle Designs is $30 per name.
Web hosting provides a physical place for your web site to reside. When customers access your site, they are routed to this physical place. Just like a telephone number must be connected to a telephone to be useful, your domain name (the "phone number") must be connected to a host (the "telephone") in order for customers to find you. In addition to our design services, Brindle Designs can offer web hosting. The rate for a standard site is $15 a month. More challenging sites, such as an e-commerce or very high volume site, may be more.
Many web design firms offer standard web "packages", such as 5-pages with 2 graphics per page, at a fixed price. We believe that this kind of pricing seriously constrains your design and results in nondescript, cookie cutter web sites that quickly become anonymous. What if your site would be better with only four pages? Or maybe six? What if you need more images in order to showcase your business? Or perhaps fewer images would work better if you are highlighting your text? Charging by the hour ensures that you are paying for exactly what you need, and nothing more. And in the end, the final cost is typically the same as the cost of a similarly sized "cookie-cutter" site. The value you receive, however, is significantly more.
Web sites can vary immensely depending on their scope and complexity. Smaller sites, on the order of five pages, with little graphic design involved might range from $300 to $500. Larger or more complex sites, such as an online store, will be higher and generally range from $500 to $5000. This price includes the initial consulting, design, implementation and uploading of your site to a designated address. We can also arrange for both domain name registration and web hosting. Projects done in Macromedia Flash are typically more expensive than a similar site done in HTML, with small, simples sites generally starting at around $500. We are, of course, more than willing to work with you to find the desired mix of cost and design. From small, focused projects to cutting edge design solutions with more complicated visuals, our designs are always professional, unique and appropriate to you and your budget.
Usability is the consideration of the end user in the building of a web site. It is imperative when a site is built that it be easy for the viewer to navigate. The user should be able to figure out the organization of information quickly. Your customer should never feel lost at your web site. A site lacking in usability loses potential customers quickly. Delivering unique and creative solutions that are difficult to use serves no one. At Brindle Designs, usability will always be the key factor around which the rest of your design and layout is based.
If your business is retail, a web site can increase your potential customer base. If your site is identity driven, it is a good way to make your business more available. The use of the Internet as a research tool is increasing and a web site can be an effective way to advertise to a very large customer base. More and more, however, there is one simple answer to this question: because your customers expect it. Just as most people expect a business to have a telephone or business cards, having a web site is quickly joining the list of items that customers expect all professional businesses to have.
Initial Consultation
  • Determination of scope, purpose and target audience of project
  • Select and register domain name(s), if not already done
  • Site organization discussed/determined
  • Discuss desired look and feel of site
  • Tentative plan outlined for site
  • Research of local and global competition
  • Modification of plan based on research
  • Determination of technologies desired (e.g. HTML, Macromedia Flash, forms, etc.)
  • Itemized cost estimate provided, based upon all information provided
Design and Build
  • Design samples created and delivered to client for approval
  • Content and images collected
  • All sources and graphics collected or produced
  • Site is started and placed on a sub-page of our site for the client to monitor the progress
  • Close consultation with client throughout all phases of the process
Publish and Advertising
  • Site uploaded to client's domain name
  • Site submitted to search engines (if desired)
  • Final Modifications
Minor changes to content and layout based on real customer feedback
  • Domain name - $30 / year
  • Hosting - $15 / month (billed quarterly)
  • Design and implementation - based on your detailed project estimate
  • Promotion - can include free or fee-based search engine submittal
  • Maintenance and redesign - we can provide estimates for updating the content or look and feel of an existing web site