Pricing Philosophy

Brindle Designs does not use web site templates, standard business card layouts or other such predefined items. Our philosophy is that every client is unique and should be treated that way.

This is the primary reason we do not offer fixed-price “packages”. Offering standard “packages” at fixed prices limits your options and reduces your exposure to Brindle Designs’ primary asset: our creative expertise.

Instead, Brindle Designs charges a flat rate of $60 an hour for our consulting and design services.

Charging by the hour ensures that you are paying for exactly what you need, and nothing more. Typically, the final cost of a web site billed by the hour is about the same as the cost of a similarly sized “cookie-cutter” site, except that you receive a site that has been truly designed from the start to meet your specific requirements.

We understand that not having a fixed price may be disconcerting, which is why we always provide an estimate for any project. Let us know what you are thinking about and we can give you an idea of what it will cost. There’s absolutely no obligation, and no project will begin before we receive a signed estimate from you.

And once a project begins, the cost will not exceed the estimate as long as the project stays within the original definition. If it appears that the project may be growing beyond what was described in the estimate, we will immediately contact you to obtain approval before proceeding.

Our goal is to make sure you receive the highest quality, with no surprises. We believe your investment in Brindle Designs’ services will return itself many times over.

Pricing Summary

  • Design and development: $60 / hour
  • Web hosting: $15 / month (billed quarterly)
  • Domain registration: $30 / year
  • Search engine submittal: Actual cost + 10%

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