While exceptional web design is our primary focus, Brindle Designs does have a complete portfolio of services to offer clients. Our mission is to ensure we have everything needed in order to provide you with the most creative, competitive solution possible.

Web Site Design

Web sites created by Brindle Designs are developed on a custom basis for each individual client. With our extensive artistic background you can be assured of receiving a high quality, extremely functional web design. Combined with our use of the latest technology and software, Brindle Designs produces professional looking web sites that can stand out and attract attention.

Web Site Redesign

Sometimes redesigning an existing web site is the answer to dramatically improving its effectiveness. From a minor face lift with updated images and content to a complete redesign focused on improving the user experience, Brindle Designs can help identify issues with an existing design and offer a range of potential solutions. As always, the scope of your project is determined by you.

Registration and Hosting

Brindle Designs can provide web hosting, register domain names and submit sites to search engines. For any web site we develop, we always work with our clients to implement optimization strategies for search engines.

Graphic Design

Our design background allows us to also create dazzling graphic designs for printed material. From single items such as logos, business cards, and brochures to a complete identity package that includes all of these items and is coordinated with your online presence, we would be happy to develop a classy, professional solution for you.

Feel free to contact us for more information.